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Vegan leather accessories handcrafted in Paris


All Baby turns Blue accessories are made of Italian Apple skin vegan leather

Absolutely beautiful, incredibly soft and smooth, very gentle on the skin.

More than a simple alternative to leather, it is a new material.
Highly innovative and sustainable.


Highlights from our new collection

Baby turns Blue nurtures a minimalist aesthetic with a refined yet edgy line, between delicacy and extravagance.

From the discreet necklace to the structuring posture guide

IMG_7295 2.jpg

The Sina choker is our statement piece

Its timeless design carries out the edgy universe of Baby turns Blue on any look

Baby turns Blue - Lola.jpg

The Lola choker is a teenage artefact

Fresh and easy to wear, pure and simple in every way

Baby turns Blue - Carolina - Tina collarjpg

The Tina collar is polymorphic, either casual or wild, classical or rock

With its oversized design and massive detachable O-ring


Underlining the shapes of the body without revealing it all


Inspired by the Elizabethan era, the Belle harness is a modern rethinking of late 18th century corsets

With its curved centerpiece, it provides effective support on top of any garment while staying very comfortable.
This iconic piece provides infinite style variations. Beautifying a blazer or a simple t-shirt, your wardrobe will never look the same


Easy to wear reminder of the classic and elegant equestrian aesthetics

The Nikita harness gives a special emphasis to any look with its perennially classic and timeless design

Baby turns Blue - Aliona.jpg

Thin and full of refined and meticulous details

The Aliona belt stands out as an avant-garde accessory, illuminating any casual or sophisticated outfit with its unique rugged look

Throughout the seasons, single or double, above or under the sleeve


With its sharp and contemporary design

The Ella cuff can be worn as a bracelet or a choker. Through any season, this beautiful cuff stands out as a powerful asset to any casual look